Do you have a great session to propose for #SGCAN?
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All submissions are online here until submission deadline (October 1, 2017):
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You won't be able to edit your proposal once it has been submitted.  (Well, technically we can edit it but you won't enjoy the process.)

To make this enjoyable for yourself, we recommend you have these things ready:

· A tweetable title for your session.
· A description of your session, the kind that is published in a programme.
· A brief biography of yourself, the kind that is published in a programme.
· A behind-the-scenes description of the session (for us, so we know how to plan for and support your session: timing, AV requirements, an overview).
· A video.  YouTube or Vimeo are supported.  Please make a 1-or-2 minute video to tell your potential audience about your session.
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If you will co-present the session, please mention it later in the comments.
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Please tell us about your session.  Like, really...

This information will not be presented to the public.  It's for the session reviewers only.  It's a good place to tell us things like, "this is how I'm going to run it" or "this is how I need the room set up".
Sell it! *

What would be written in a program guide to describe your idea and persuade people to attend?  What can participants expect to learn during your session?
(Also, if you are co-presenting with someone, this is a good place make that clear.)
Please Share a Video Invitation

Tip: Keep it brief!  We recommend 2 minutes or less.

A video link is optional though strongly encouraged.

This is your chance to talk directly to your potential audience and to the selection committee.

Here's what we're thinking:
1. Make a brief video of yourself introducing the topic.  Such as:
--- a personal invitation to your session.
--- why is this topic important to you?
--- why will this session be helpful to people at the Scrum Gathering?
2. Share the URL here. (YouTube, Vimeo, other).
3. Or proceed for now without the video, but make one and then tell us ( so we can add a video later to your submission.
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1. After the next step, your proposal will be available to the world.  You might want to scroll up and review the info one last time.

2. Speakers at the event will receive free registration.  But...

If you know you want to attend the gathering whether or not you're presenting, we suggest you register soon!

(At the rate we're going, we may have to close registrations before the speakers are selected.)

We can refund the registration fee if your session is selected.


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